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    Physics - Magnetism - Bohr's Theory

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    Questions 19

    Why is a piece if iron attracted to either pole of a magnet?

    Question 20

    The magnetic poles of the earth are called geomagnetic poles. Is the north geomagnetic pole a north magnetic pole or a south magnetic pole?

    Question 29

    When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field, the direction of the current induced in the loop reverses itself twice per rotation. Why?

    Question 45

    ? Discuss the relationship between electricity and magnetism
    ? Identify a device that utilizes the relationship between electricity and magnetism
    ? Explain how the device you identified uses electricity and magnetism
    ? Discuss how improvements in electrical conduction and/or advancements in magnets might impact the device you identified
    Questions 1

    What differences can you think of between the photon and electron?

    Question 27

    The Bohr Theory permits us to visualize the structure of the atom, whereas quantum mechanics is very complex and concerned with such ideas as wave functions and probabilities. What reasons would lead to the replacement of the Bohr Theory by quantum mechanics?

    Question 28

    What physical quantities are governed by the quantum numbers of an atomic electron?

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