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Dipole moment and bohr radius

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Look up the magnetic dipole moment of a hydrogen atom and the bohr radius, and use the assumption of uniform circular motion to calculate the effective current with in a hydrogen atom. Compare this current to that of a scanning tunneling microscope 1nA. Which is greater and by how many orders of magnitude?

Magnetic dipole moment of hydrogen 9.27400915*10^24 J/T
Bohr radius 52.9177*10^12 m

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This solution explores physics concepts such as dipole moments and bohr radius within the context of classical mechanics. The solution is 247 words in length, and contains relevant formulas used in a step-by-step manner for clarity.

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Dear student,

When any circular coil is carrying current, the equivalent dipole moment of the coil can be given by
M = niA = ni(pi*r^2)

Where 'n' = number of turns of the coil, 'i' is the current in it and 'M' is the dipole moment of the Bohr's orbit.

But in the case of any charged particle ...

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