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Dipole Moments

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Please show all work and show all equations used so I can understand completely.

1) A uniform electric field of 300N/C makes an angle of 25 degrees with the dipole moment of an electric dipole. If the torque exerted by the field has a magnitude of 2.5*10^-7N.m, the dipole moment must be ___?

2) The dipole moment of a dipole in a 300 N/C electric field is initially perpendicular to the field, but it rotates so it is in the same direction as the field. If the moment has a magnitude of 2*10^-9C.m the work done by the field is ___?

3) A total charge of 6.3*10^-8C is distributed uniformly throughout a 2.7cm radius sphere. The volume charge density is ___?

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This solution is comprised of a fully complete response, to all three questions, which shows all of the work and equations needed for solving. In order to view the solution, a JPG file needs to be opened.

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