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    Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis. It is thought to twist an object. Torque is the measure of the turning force on an object such as a bolt of a flywheel. Torque is often denoted by the Greek letter tau.

    The magnitude of torque depends on three quantities: the force applied, the length or the lever arm connecting the axis to the point of force application and the angle between the force vector and the lever arm. The equations of torque are as followed:

    τ=r x F


    Where τ is the torque vector, r is the displacement vector, F is the force vector, x denotes a cross product and ϴ is the angle between the force vector and the lever arm vector. The SI unit for torque is the newton metre (Nm).

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    Calculating Magnitude: Angular Velocity Example Problem

    Please help with the attached applied physics question. I'm trying to determine the angular velocity. 1) For the image shown calculate the magnitude of vA in mm/s. 2) For the image shown calculate the magnitude of vB in mm/s 3) For the image shown calculate the magnitude of vB/A in mm/s 4) For the image shown calculate th

    Earth as a rigid axisymmetric body

    The earth maybe considered as a rigid axisymmetric body with a small quadrupole deformation. (There are two problems (a) and (b)) (a) If the exterior gravitational potential is written as: V(r)=-M_e*G*1/r*[1-J(R_e/r)^2* P_2(costheta)] Here, M_e is the mass of the earth, R_e is the equatorial radius and theta the colatit

    Load Test on a 3 Phase Induction Motor

    To obtain and analyse the performance characteristics of a 3 phase induction motor by load test. A 3 phase Induction motor supplied with the rated voltage (110v) plus two more values 90v and 115v. (4 poles) (results attached) Please see other attachment for calculations questions. Please expand on the discussion of resul

    Physics Lab: Fulcrum Measurements

    1. Suspend the meter stick by a string from its center. 2. Notice carefully where it balances. It probably will not balance exactly at 50 cm. All distances must be measured to this point (called the fulcrum). 3. Hang a 200 g mass on one side and a 50 g mass on the other and adjust the distances from the fulcrum until the m

    Measurements and Instruments of Milliammeter

    A rectangular moving coil of a milliammeter is wound with 30.5 turns. The effective axial length of the magnetic field is 20 mm and the effective radius of the coil is 8 mm. The flux density in the gap is 0.2 T and the controlling torque of the hairsprings is 0.5 x 10^-6 N m/degree of deflection. Calculate the current to give a

    DC Motor Equations

    Performance tests on a DC motor under load conditions (Please see results and question attached.) Question: - Assuming that the basic equations of the motor are: Va = Ra Ia +K1 n and Te= T0 + K2 Ia using the data gathered in the attachment estimate the coefficients Ra, K1, T0 and K2.

    Pool Ball Dynamics

    By striking a pool ball below its mid-line, you can cause it to translate to the right while rotating counterclockwise (slipping). Assume a coefficient of friction equal ot 0.65, a diameter of 7 cm, a mass of 0.11 kg, a velocity of 5 m/sec and a spinn of 30 rad/sec. How far will the ball travel before it translations to pure rol

    Statistics Problem Set: Probabilities and Distribution

    1. The table below shows the total number of man-days lost to sickness during one week's operation of a small chemical plant. Showing all of your work, calculate the arithmetic mean and standard deviation of the number of lost days. Days Lost 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 Frequency 8 7 10

    Torque in a Static Environment

    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** In the figure attached, determine the maximum value for theta such that the beam will not pivot. The beam has a mass of 20 kg.

    Torque output problem on three phase induction motor

    If the torque output per phase is proportional to the power input per phase ignoring losses it can be shown that: Torque is proportional to: sR2/R2^2+(sX2)^2 Then show by differentiating with respect to the slip, s, that maximum torque occurs when: R2=sX2 Please show full workings.

    Express Deflection & Shear Stress

    Obtain the equations to express deflection and shear stress for a close coil helical spring carrying a load W. If the spring is made from 125mm diameter steel wire and has 10 coils at a mean diameter 250mm. Please see attached file for further detail regarding the problem.

    Determining Maximum Weight that can be Lifted

    A lever is 5.0 m long. The distance from the fulcrum to the weight to be lifted is 1.0 m. If a worker pushes on the opposite end with 400 N, what is the maximum weight that can be lifted? Please provide detailed explanation.

    Calculation of Engine Power

    A four wheeled vehicle is to have a total mass of 1.5 tonnes and two axels with its wheels each having a mass of 65kg and a radius of gyration 500mm. The wheel tread diameter is 950mm. The coefficient of rolling resistance between the wheels and the road is 0.3. Calculate the engine power required such that the vehicle will have

    Pistons on a refrigeration compressor

    A single acting refrigeration reciprocating compressor has six pistons pitched 100mm from each other on the shaft. The pair cranks on VW formation are positioned on 120 degrees apart from each other on the shaft and compression- suction sequence is in the order of 1-6, 2-5, and 3-4. Calculate the out of balance torque when the s

    A flywheel coming to rest.

    Annular steel rotating flywheel 500mm diameter and 60mm wide is supported on a steel shaft 100mm diameter and 100mm long rotates at 2000 rpm. If the shaft bearings induce a frictional torque equivalent to 40Nm, how long will it for the flywheel to come to rest if the density of the steel is 7850kg/m3. Show and describe worki

    holonomic constraint function

    Find the largest rectangular parallelepiped (box) that can be shipped by parcel post (length plus girth = 108 in )? answer i know F= l.h.w+ A(l+2h+2w) and i found df/dl=o , df/dh=0 , df/dw=0 how can i complete answer to find A ,(l) maxim , (h) maxim ,and (w) maxim (A) is landa

    Shear Stresses in a Brass and Steel Shaft Subjected to Torque

    A steel tube is closely fitted over a brass core. The diameter of brass core is 25mm and the external diameter of the steel is 40mm. the Modulus of rigidity for the brass is 40GN/m2 and steel is 80GN/m2. What are the maximum shear stresses in the brass and steel when the shaft is subjected to 38 kNm torque? Explain and show c

    Calculating shear stress and angle of twist

    A stepped shaft of uniform material has two diameters of 60mm and 50mm. The large diameter is built in and has a length of 600mm and the smaller diameter is 400mm. If the material modulus is 80GN/m^2 and a torque of 38 Nm is applied at the smaller, what is the maximum shear stress in each part of the shaft and the angle of twist

    Calculate magnetic moment, torque and magnetic field strength

    The 10-turn loop of wire shown in the figure (see attachment) lies in a horizontal plane, parallel to a uniform horizontal magnetic field, and carries a 2.0 A current. The loop is free to rotate about a non-magnetic axle through the center. A .050 kg mass hangs from one edge of the loop. (a) What is the magnetic moment m of t

    Magnetic moment and torque on a coil of wire

    A loop of wire with an area of 0.50 m2 carries a current of 2.4 A in a uniform magnetic field of 3.0 x 10 -2 T. (a) What is the magnetic moment, m , of the loop? (b) What is the magnitude of the maximum torque on the loop?

    Physics: Force and Torque applied to the loop

    A plane closed loop carrying a current I2 consists of an arc of a circle of radius a and the chord subtended an angle 2Ï?. A long straight wire passing through the center of the circle normally to the plane carries a current I1. Find the force F and torque N applied to the loop.

    Rotational Dynamics for Grinding Wheel

    A grinding wheel in the shape of a uniform disk of radius 16 cm is rotating at 900 revolutions per minute. The total mass of the wheel is 2.1 kg, which is uniformly distributed. A piece of steel is pressed in the normal direction against the wheel with a force of 9 Newtons. The coefficient of friction between steel and wheel


    If the coefficient of static friction between tires and pavement is .66, then what torque must be applied to the 66-cm-diameter wheels of an automobile of mass 1450 kg to 'lay rubber', which occurs when friction is broken.

    Torque on a current carrying loop placed in a magnetic field

    The plane of a rectangular loop of wire with a width of 5.0 cm and a height of 8.0 cm is parallel to a magnetic field of magnitude 0.17 T. The loop carries a current of 6.5 A. What is the maximum torque that can be obtained with the same total length of wire carrying the same current in this magnetic field? Show calculatio

    Using matrices and vectors determine the tensions in two cables

    A radio tower has a mass of 1200 kg and is supported in the vertical position by three cables from its top at A. A tensioning device at F records a tension of 4â??8 kN in cable AE. Determine the tensions in each of the other two cables. Illustration and full description are in the attached document. Could you show workin

    Magnetism Circular Region Displacement

    (Please refer to the attachment for detailed description of the problems) 4. The figure shows a circular region of radius R = 3.00 cm in which a uniform displacement current id = 0.500 A is directed out of the page. (a) What is the magnitude of the magnetic field due to the displacement current at a radial distance of 2.0


    21. Units and Dimentions [Please refer to the attachment for the problem] 22. You hear a sound with level 80.0 dB and you are located 10.0 m from the sound source. What is the power being emitted by the sound source? 23. There is a 1.2 m distance between a crest and an adjacent trough in a series of waves on the surface of

    Acceleration, Friction Force, Coefficient of Friction

    A hollow, spherical shell with mass 2.00 kg rolls without slipping down a slope angled at 34.0 degrees A) Find the acceleration (take free fall to be 9.8 m/s^2) B) Find the friction force C) Find the minimum coefficient of friction needed to prevent slipping