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    Modelling of a Controlled Cart on a Horizontal Pivoting Beam

    Use Newtons Law to derive equations of motion for the system. This should be converted into transfer functions for input into MATLAB/SIMULINK. The system consists of a motorised trolley on a see-saw (see attached figure). The trolley motor is to be controlled and eventually the trolley must balance the beam. A potentiometer s

    Circular Steel Shaft with Varying Diameters and Torsional Loads

    A circular steel shaft of the dimensions shown in the figure is subjected to three torques: T1=28 k-in, T2=-8 k-in, and T3 = 10 k-in. (a) What is the angle of twist of the right end due to the applied torques? (b) Plot the angle of twist diagram along the shaft. Let G=12 106 psi.

    Three-Phase Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor

    A three-phase, 60 Hz, squirrel-cage induction motor draws a current of 385 amps per phase and a total active power of 2344 kW when operating at full load from a 4000 volt (line) supply. The corresponding speed is 709.2 rev/min. The stator is star-connected and the resistance between two stator live terminals is 0.1 ohms. The mac

    Mechanics Angular Acceleration Quantities

    A uniform rigid disk of radius r and mass m rolls without slipping on a smooth horizontal surface. A constant force of magnitude P is applied to the rim of the disk at distance r above the horizontal surface and in the direction of motion. r,m,P are known. what is the angular acceleration in terms of known quantities, and wha

    Shunt-wound motor: Maximum start-up torque

    (a) A shunt-wound motor set was designed to run from a 250 V d.c. supply. It had an effective armature resistance of 3 m Ohm and when run at 3000 rev/min it drew 10 kA. Find: (i) The maximum permissible supply voltage at start-up if the motor set is not to draw more than 20 kA when started from rest. (ii) The maximum start-