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    A platform in equilibrium with torques.

    A uniform, level platform whose weight is P= 260 nt is held up by a vertical rope at one end ant a vertical cable at the other end. The length of the platform is L= 4.6 m. A painter whose weight W= 825 nt stands at a distance d=1.4 m from the rope. See ATTACHMENT for diagram of parameters. Find C, the force in the cable.

    Angles of Twist

    Two thin-walled circular tubes, one having a seamless section, the other a split section (see attachment), are subjected to the action of identical twisting moments. Both tubes have equal outer diameter "Do", inner diameter "Di", and thickness "t". Determine the ration of their angles of twist. See the attached file.

    The rope remains perpendicular to the crate at all times

    Determine the force F required to begin to move the crate up the incline. In addition you are to determine the maximum height (y) that the rope can be attached to the crate. The rope remains perpendicular to the crate at all times. (see diagram in attached file)

    torque exerted by the sea on a submerged horizontal surface?

    A box with length L= 1.2 m, width W= 2 m, and height S = 1.5 m, has its top, movable surface hinged at its edge. SEE ATTACHMENT#1 for diagram. Fig. 2 shows the box on the bottom of the ocean with its hinged top surface horizontal at distance h= 30 m beneath the surface. The ocean density at this location is D= 1025 kg/m^3.

    Physics: Rotational Dynamics

    ** Please see the attached file for the related illustration ** A constant horizontal force of 10 N is applied to a wheel of mass 11 kg and radius 0.70 m as shown in Fig. 12-31. The wheel rolls without slipping on the horizontal surface, and the acceleration of its center of mass is 0.55 m/s2. (a) What are the magnitude an

    The Action of Forces and Torques on Rigid Objects

    In San Francisco a very simple technique is used to turn around a cable car when it reaches the end of its route. The car rolls onto a turntable, which can rotate about a vertical axis through its center. Then, two people push perpendicularly on the car, one at each end. The turn table is rotated one-half of a revolution to turn

    time it takes for the pulley to complete one revolution

    Two blocks of mass m and 3m are slug over a pulley by a massless rope. The massess are initially at the same height. The pulley is a uniform solid disk of mass 12m and radius R. The total length of the rope including the part that is slung over the pullley is L The masses are released at time t = 0 Determine the time it takes

    Moment of inertia: Force of fish on the line; how much line unwinds?

    A cylindrical fishing reel has a moment of inertia of I = 6.81à?10^-4 kg* m2 and a radius of 3.13 cm. A friction clutch in the reel exerts a restraining torque of 1.49 N*m if a fish pulls on the line. The fisherman gets a bite, and the reel begins to spin with an angular acceleration of 63.7 rad/s^2. 1) What is the force of

    Hydraulic Circuit Diagram

    The sketch attached shows a digger. Its overall mass is 5 tonnes. The extension of the arm is controlled by three cylinders, A, B and C. Cylinder A supports the arm from the chassis of the vehicle and cylinder C is between the bucket and the main arm. Draw a hydraulic circuit diagram for the control of the three cylinders su

    String on a Cylinder and its Free Fall and Angular Velocity

    A massless string is wrapped around a uniform solid cylinder with mass M = 10 kg and radius R = 0.40 m. One end of the string is attached to the cylinder and the free end is pulled tangentially by a force that maintains a constant tension T = 5 N . Find (a) the angular acceleration (b) the angular speed of the cylinder 5

    Regarding the approach to induction motor operation and how to solve the very simple problem being known some basic equations of power balance such as input power equation of IM (P=[(EV/X)sin(Angle E- Angle V)]

    A 12 pole, 60 Hz synchronous machine has an internal rms voltage of 10 kV. Its internal synchronous reactance is 10 ohms. The machine is connected to a network with a terminal voltage of 11 kV rms. The phase angle difference between the internal and external voltages is 30 degrees (internal minus external). (a) Is this machi

    Difficulty over a Problem of Friction about Sleeves

    How can I solve this problem below: The asking problem: A safety device used by workers climbing ladders fixed to high structures consists of a rail attached to the ladder and a sleeve which may slide on the flange of the rail. A chain connects the worker's belt to the end of an eccentric cam which may rotate about an axle a

    Irregular Flywheel Suspended on a Pivot

    A flywheel is symmetrical but irregular. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parameters. Its mass is 25 kg. When supported from a knife edge pivot, .36 m from the c. m. at its center, it oscillates as a physical pendulum completing 100 complete oscillations in 180 seconds. Find Io, its moment of inertia about the c.m. axis

    Find the maximum plane angles P, Q, S

    A truck whose weight is W, has a wheelbase (distance between front and back wheels) B= 3.2 meters. On level ground the front wheels carry 65% of its weight. The center of gravity (c.g.) of the truck is distance d= .85 m above the ground and unknown horizontal distance x, behind the front wheels' contact with the ground. The coef

    Calculate curb height a car can negotiate

    A car is stopped with its front wheels resting against a curb when its driver starts the engine and tries to drive over the curb. Knowing that the radius of the wheels is 280 mm, that the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the pavement is 0.90, and that 60 percent of the weight of the car is distributed over it

    Find torque exerted by the sea on a submerged submarines

    See attached diagram. Three emergency escape hatches are on a submarine submerged in sea water whose density is D=1025 kg/m^3. Each hatch is rectangular, having width W= .85 m, length L= 1.2 m with its hinge of length W along one side. See attachment for orientation for Parts a, b, and c. PART a. The Deck Hatch is in

    Physics Pulley system: relate accelerations to angular acceration of the disk

    A disk of mass M and radius R unwinds from a tape wrapped around it. The tape passes over a frictionless pulley, and a mass m is suspended from the other end. Assume that the disk drops vertically. a) Relate the accelerations of m and the disk, a and A, respectively to the angular acceration of the disk. Ans clue- If A w

    Physics: Pulley system, find a, A and angular acceleration

    A disk of mass M and radius R unwinds from a tape wrapped around it. The tape passes over a frictionless pulley, and a mass m is suspended from the other end. Assume that the disk drops vertically. a) Relate the accelerations of m and the disk, a and A, respectively to the angular acceration of the disk. Ans clue- If A we

    Physics: Calculate amount of torque required to keep a cylinder rotating

    A cylinder of mass M and radius R is rotated in a uniform V grove (which looks like a rectangular block with an 45-45-90 degree triangular prism cut from the center- that the cylinder rotates in) The cylinder has a constant angular velocity w and a coefficient of friction u with each surface. What torque must be applied to the c

    Physics Falling Stick: Torque, angular acceleration, vertical acceleration

    A uniform stick of mass M and length l is suspended horizontally with end B on the edge of a table, and the other end, A is held by hand. Point A is suddenly released. At the instant after release: a) What is the torque about B? b) What is the angular acceleration about B? c) What is the vertical acceleration of the center

    Sphere and Cylinder having different accelerations down a plane.

    See attachment #1 for diagram showing parameters At the upper end of an inclined plane of length L, a uniform sphere is released from rest. At the same instant, a uniform cylinder is released from rest at distance d ahead of the sphere such that both sphere and cylinder arrive at the same time at the lower end of the plane.

    Force and mechanical advantage

    A 1m long crowbar is used to lift a heavy crate. The pivot point is 10 cm from one end. a) If 600 N is exerted on one end, what is the upward force exerted on the crate at the other end? b) Calculate the mechanical advantage, the ratio of forces.

    Moment of inertia of cylinder with axis perpendicular to face

    Moment of inertia problem A uniform cylinder has mass M and radius R. a. Find by integration the moment of inertia, Io, about its center of mass axis at center, perpendicular to the face of the cylinder. b. Use the translation of axis theorem, 'Ip = Io + M h^2' to find the moment of inertia about an axis parallel to that

    Torque - True Statement Situations

    Shown below are seven situations where a student is holding a meter stick at the left end at various angles. A 1.0 kg mass is hung on the meter sticks at different locations. The meterstick is held stationary in all cases. All of the meter sticks are identical, but the distance along the meter stick at which the 1.0 kg mass is h