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Irregular Flywheel Suspended on a Pivot

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A flywheel is symmetrical but irregular. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parameters. Its mass is 25 kg. When supported from a knife edge pivot, .36 m from the c. m. at its center, it oscillates as a physical pendulum completing 100 complete oscillations in 180 seconds. Find Io, its moment of inertia about the c.m. axis.

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The irregular flywheel suspended on a pivot is examined. The moment of inertia about the axis is determined.

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Note 1. A 'physical pendulum' is an object oscillating back and forth with SHM, suspended from a pivot axis at a distance h from the c.m. axis. The general equation for the period of such an object is; (1) T= 2 (Pi) (sqrt[Ip/(Mgh)] in which M is the total mass, h is as stated above, and Ip is the moment of ...

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