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Regarding the approach to induction motor operation and how to solve the very simple problem being known some basic equations of power balance such as input power equation of IM (P=[(EV/X)sin(Angle E- Angle V)]

A 12 pole, 60 Hz synchronous machine has an internal rms voltage of 10 kV.
Its internal synchronous reactance is 10 ohms. The machine is connected to a network
with a terminal voltage of 11 kV rms. The phase angle difference between the internal
and external voltages is 30 degrees (internal minus external).
(a) Is this machine generating or consuming real power? How much in MW?
(b) What is the synchronous speed of the machine?
(c) What is the torque in Nm produced by the machine?

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(a) From the basic electrical model of a synchronous machine, the real ...