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    Shown below are seven situations where a student is holding a meter stick at the left end at various angles. A 1.0 kg mass is hung on the meter sticks at different locations. The meterstick is held stationary in all cases. All of the meter sticks are identical, but the distance along the meter stick at which the 1.0 kg mass is hung and the angles at which the student holds the meter stick vary. Specific values are given in each figure. (Ignore the mass of the meter stick.)

    Which of the following statements are true about the situations depicted in the figures above?
    (Give ALL correct answers: B, AC, BCD.., or None )

    A) The torque is the same in pictures A and B
    B) The lever arm in picture D is: 0.7L
    C) The meterstick is harder to hold in picture F than in picture B
    D) The net force acting on the meter stick is the same in all pictures
    E) The lever arm is the same in pictures B and C

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    F is the force = 1 kg X g N
    l=1 m
    A) The torque is the same in pictures A and B
    A Torque= F l Cos 30=0.86 Fl
    B Torque= F l/2=0.5 Fl
    B) The ...

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    Identifies true statements for torque. The specific values given in each figure are determined.