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    Plane motion of rigid bodies energy and momentum methods

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    Please address 17.10. Please use work forces, kinetic energy, conservation of Energy, potential energy, power=mom * ang vel.

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    ratio of radii,
    rB/rC = rA/rC = 4/10 = 2/5
    At the circumference of the A, B and C, the linear velocity, tangential acceleration and linear displacement will be same.
    wA/wC (ratio of angular velocities of A and C)
    = alpha(A)/alpha(C) (ratio of angular accelerations of A and C)
    = d_theta(A)/d_theta(C) (ratio of angular displacement of A and C)
    = rC/rA = 5/2 = 2.5

    Torque on B (TB) = 6.75 lb.ft = 6.75*32 lb.ft^2/s^2

    Work done by torque = T*d_theta = change ...

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    The solution is given equationally. The plane motion of rigid bodies energy and momentum methods are given.