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Jul 2003
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  • BEng, Allahabad University, India, 1993
  • MSc , Pune University, India, 2003
  • PhD (IP), Pune University, India, In progress


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Write a simple program

Write a program to:
prompt the user for a file name and open the file for reading. Print out all the information in the file, numbering each new line of text.

Language is C Basic

Computer Science / Data / Files » 15412

Linear Proramming: Problem with three products and three additives plus a base

Incredible indelible ink company mixes three additives, A1,A2, A3 to a base in different proportions to obtain different colors of ink.
Red ink is obtained by mixing A1, A2, and A3 in the ration of 3:1:2, blue ink in the ratio of 2:3:4, and green in the ratio of 1:2:3.
After these additives are READ MORE »

Mathematics / Linear Transformation / Linear Programming » 7934

Calculating Necessary Tonnes of Lime to Raise a Lake's pH

One of the impacts of fossil fuels is an increase in acid deposition (or acid rain as many people refer to it). The following exercise asks you to calculate how much lime (an alkaline rock, not the tasty green fruit) it would take to increase the pH of a small lake.

Consider a small lake in the READ MORE »

Chemistry / Physical Chemistry / Acids and Bases » 10319

Computing the Z-transform

1. For a discrete-time signal x[n] with the z-Transform X(z) = z/(8z^2-2z-1), find the z-Transform, V(z) for the signal v[n] = x[n] * x[n].

2. Compute the unit-pulse response h[n] for the discrete-time system y[n+2]2y[n+1]+y[n]=x[n] (for n = 0, 1, 2, 3).

3. Compute the z-transform of t READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 540638

10base Ethernet frame size

How long does it take to transmit a 10baseT Ethernet frame that contains 256 bytes of data? Ignore the interframe gap that follows the frame.
1. Find the total number of bytes in the frame.
2. Convert the total bytes into total bits.
3. Multiply the total bits by the time for one bit.
4. Repeat READ MORE »

Computer Science / Software Development / Operating Systems » 539233
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