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    21. Units and Dimentions [Please refer to the attachment for the problem]

    22. You hear a sound with level 80.0 dB and you are located 10.0 m from the sound source. What is the power being emitted by the sound source?

    23. There is a 1.2 m distance between a crest and an adjacent trough in a series of waves on the surface of a lake. In 30 s, 35 crest pass a buoy anchored in the lake. What is the speed of these waves?

    24. A clarinet has a fundamental frequency of 147 Hz, and, when played, has one end closed.
    a. How many harmonics appear below 1350 Hz?
    b. If an open end tube has the same fundamental frequency, how many harmonics appear below 1350 Hz?

    25. What is the effective length of a clarinet which has a fundamental frequency of 147 Hz. (closed-open tube)

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