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Applying physics in a career

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My problem is how can physics help us in careers such us biotechnologist, astronomist, geology, biotechnology, aerospace, industry and communications?

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The expert determines how physics can help in biotechnologist, astronomist, geology, biotechnology, aerospace, industry and communications careers.

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Dear Student:

The best place to get a lot of info. is, obviously, on the Net. Go to "www.google.com" and type in :

'careers for physics graduates'

and you get a great lot of web sites with all the info. you need for career opportunities for Physics graduates in all different walks of life, industries, teaching, research.....

Attached are some of the most useful web sites I found..feel free to browse through all the sites you get from Google.

Below is a text listing of some of the web sites. When you are on the Internet, and do a Google, you get to see all the hyperlinks to these sites..


Careers with Physics - Career website, Institute of physics, ...
... Physics graduates also find themselves employed in occupations such as medicine ... of
the human body to the great clusters careers with physics of galaxies ...
careers.iop.org/ - ...

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