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Counselling: "The Physics of Living" (Amundson, 2003)

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What are your thoughts about activities in "The Physics of Living" (Amundson, 2003):
1. Assessing Life Balance (p. 31)
2. Life Balance Wheel (p. 32-34)
3. Things I like to do (p. 35-38)
4. Past Accomplishments (pp. 129- 131)

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This solution discusses the four activities in "The Physics of Living" (Amundson, 2003): assessing life balance, life balance wheel, things I like to do, and past accomplishments. It also includes the counselling situation where these activities can have impact in the counseling setting.

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Let's take a closer look at these four aspects of counselling, as proposed by Amundson (2003).


A. What are your thoughts about activities in "The physics of Living" (Amundson, 2003):

1. Assessing Life Balance (p. 31)

Assessing Life Balance is an important part of the counselling process, as it helps to determine the readiness of the client and clears up any confusion about the impact of various factors on one's life circumstances and choices. It adds clarity to the life story of the client. This is often part of the first stage of counselling. This assessment informs the counsellor about the client and it helps the client clarify any confusion about various issues and how each factor might impact one's life as a whole. Life Balance is an important concept for the client to grasp, since life balance is often imperative to the success of one's decisions, including those related to career.

After reading p. 31, can you add other ideas about assessing life balance?

2. Life Balance Wheel (p. 32-34)

It is a very helpful visual exercise.

It is one way of clarifying some elements of the career counseling process is to use a Life Balance Wheel ...

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