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Challenges with Multicultural Therapy

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I'm writing a 5 page paper on the challenges with multicultural therapy. Any thoughts or comments welcome. I have no real world experience in this area,

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Challenges to multicultural therapy

1. In a globalized world, individuals that speak the same language may not necessarily be the best therapist as often there is greater variability within cultures than between cultures. For example a large divide in most cultures is SES- (socioeconomic status). A therapist most likely will be educated and likely have access to a higher SES. This divide is more prominent in developing nations such as Jamaica, India, Kenya. A person will education has access to a better life and often may never see the extreme poverty in their country as gated communities are more common. A therapist who has experienced similar life experiences to the patient may often be a better choice as a therapist. For instance, a therapist who themselves ...

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A discussion of some challenges to multicultural therapy.The solution provides references to aid in the paper.