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How does psychotherapy differ from talking problems over with a friend or someone else you know? What are the five stages of therapy? Describe each stage and its goal. What is multicultural counseling? How important is this approach in todayĆ¢??s world?

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Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental and emotional disorders using psychological methods. It does not just involve the patient talking out their problems with a therapist. There are several types of psychotherapy. Some examples are:
Behavior Therapy: which focuses on current behavior patterns. The goal is to help people replace unhealthy, dysfunctional behaviors with more positive behaviors. It involves shaping one's environment and works well to help people overcome phobias or anxiety disorders. Example: a person may be exposed to feared object t or situation gradually.
Cognitive therapy: which emphasizes the effect of ideas on behavior and feeling. Cognitive therapy teaches patients to notice their unrealistic thoughts and to substitute more realistic thoughts. Example: Therapists mat help patients practice identifying and changing unrealistic self-talk.

Humanistic therapy: which focuses on immediate feelings and the potential for future growth. The therapist helps ...

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The following solution is a discussion of pyschotherapy and how it differs from talking problems over with a friend. It also discusses the five stages of therapy and defines multicultural counseling.