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Positive Psychotherapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be practiced in conjunction with family therapy and multicultural psychotherapy. For schizophrenics and others with serious delusional disorders, a combination of psychopharmacology, intersubjective treatment, and clinical practice is the best protocol. When the disorder is treated consistently and appropriately with medication, CBT can be effective for these disorders. For less rational clients such as children, adolescents who are just coming into their own sense of identity and rationality, and the mentally challenged, family therapy offers a significant boost to CBT in clinical practice. This is because many problems in behaviors and emotional responses that are present in children, adolescents and the mentally challenged stem from a dysfunction occurring in their families. Finally, multicultural clients, especially those from collectivist cultures, will benefit from a culturally relevant and informed approach that honors their collectivist beliefs, norms and values.

1) What other psychotherapy or therapies do you think could be integrated with CBT besides family therapy and multicultural psychotherapy?

2) Why do feel that the type of psychotherapy or therapies that you have chosen could be integrated with CBT?

3) Provide the type or types of psychological dysfunctions and how might that client benefit from the type psychotherapy that you chose to be integrated with CBT?

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I think that positive psychotherapy is a psychotherapy that could be integrated with CBT, besides family therapy and multicultural psychotherapy. I think that positive psychotherapy could be integrated with cognitive behavioral therapy very effectively, due to the fact that positive psychotherapy would help the client to view their dysfunction in a much more positive way, which would be instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of the cognitive behavioral therapy. This is due to the fact that cognitive behavioral therapy involves helping the individual to recognize the differing thoughts or thinking patterns that they have, that ...

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