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    Psychotherapy for Mood Disorders

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    In terms of best practices (evidence-based) which forms of psychotherapy appear to most effective in the treatment of Mood Disorders, and what are some of the main reasons for their efficacy?

    The question refers to treatment in terms of psychotherapy and Not drug based interventions. Thanks

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    While several psychotherapies are known to provide effective treatment for mood disorders, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has become the golden standard for treatment of mood disorders. One reason why CBT is preferred over several different psychotherapies is time. Corsini & Wedding (2008) note that not only is CBT useful in treatment of depression (Dobson, 1989), but in comparison to other psychotherapies (such as psychodynamic therapy), the time it takes for change in behavior is halved (p. 270). For instance, a typical course of psychodynamic therapy for ...

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