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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model

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    Using the Cognitive Behavioral therapy models, can someone help me understand the family pathology in the attached case study? Using the Cognitive Behavioral therapy, I have to identify three techniques that can be used in counseling this family as well as the strengths and limitations.

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    Cognitive psychology is defined is the study of how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information (p. 2). According to Corey (2005), cognitive psychologists use various methods to study cognition focused on how people think and learn that includes experiments, psychobiological techniques, self-reports, case studies, naturalistic observations, and computer simulations and artificial intelligence. Further, research shows that Cognitive Psychology developed as an alternative approach to studying psychoanalysis focusing on human thought processes. For instance, the basic principles of cognitive therapy is based on conscious, rational thinking to address emotional difficulties that tend to alter behavior or tilt objective reality. According to Corey, Cognitive therapy perceives psychological problems as stemming from common place processes such as faulty thinking, making incorrect inferences on the basis of incorrect or correct information. For example, cognitive therapeutic approaches emphasize current problems despite diagnosis, and the past problems that the ...

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    This solution discusses family pathology using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model