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    The Value of Family and Couple Therapy

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    Certain cultural or subcultural groups may hold varying attitudes toward therapy in general, and toward couple or family therapy in particular. How do you see yourself "selling" the idea of couple or family therapy to those who may be dubious, even about the value of therapy at all. Are there particular ways you can imagine adapting either the practice of therapy (inviting community members, spiritual leaders, teachers, etc. to consult with you and the family, for example) or the way in which you explain your goals to those family members you are inviting into the therapy, in order to increase those individuals' "buy-in" to the process?

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    How do you see yourself "selling" the idea of couple or family therapy to those who may be dubious, even about the value of therapy at all?

    Studies suggest some that counselling with therapy such as Solution-focused therapy can help clients utilize their strength in dealing with life challenges. (de Shazer & Berg, 1997 as cited in Archer & McCarthy, 2007) was designed to help clients arrive at solutions to their problems in a few brief sessions. Moreover, the success is measured by the progress that clients make toward reaching their goals, and is not based as opposed to the amount of times they spend in counselling. Thus, you could sell the idea of couple therapy using this approach by emphasizing how the solution-focused (SFT) approach can be effectively to help couples build a stronger relationship.

    Several things can take place using a family or couple-oriented approach to avoiding conflicts. For instance, the therapist operates under the assumption that the client has the internal resources to make the change that he or she wants to make (Archer & McCoy, 2007). The objective is to help the couple redefine what appears to be a problem so that the couple begins to think of a solution. Based on the solutions-focused approach, problems are not emphasized. What important in this case is for the therapist to help Emily and Jose arrive at a way to avoid conflict, while respecting their cultural practices. A part of the techniques in the Solution-focused approach are tasks designed to the specific needs of the clients to help them reach their goals. The focus is on ...

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    This solution is focused on strategies to adapt a solution-focused therapy for use with minority couples or families.