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Sexual Issues in Marital Therapy

Can you please provide suggestions on how to address sexual issues in therapy when working with a couple.

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Research suggests that the best way to address issues in marital therapy is to focus on the couple's emotional responses and problems by changing how they interact with one another (e.g., Lum, 1973). Lum suggested an approach centred on the communication theory that focuses on emotional responses and interactional patterns that characterize marital distress. This therapeutic approach aims at re-processing emotions to bring about a change in the partners' communication exchange. Since this discussion will be on sexual issues, it is very important to listen and provide the couple with your support. Studies show that sexual problems have always been a matter of shame, nondisclosure and uneasiness (Bitzer, Piatano, Tschudin, & Alder, 2008; Schneider & Burton H. Schneider, 1996). The role of the therapist is to observe the pattern of the couples' interaction, and eventually get ...

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This solution provide suggestions on how to address sexual issues in couple counseling.