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Issues in Couple Counseling

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Give an analysis of these two issues (finances, infidelity) affecting couples. Compare the ways in which each issue could potentially have an impact on a couple's relationship, using these attached articles.

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(1) Give an analysis of these two issues (finances, infidelity) affecting couples

In the course of an intimate relationship, many problems will be encountered including that of infidelity and financial distress. Trust and fidelity in a relationship is built upon the assumption that promises and vows will be kept in faithfulness to the commitment. Relative to the issue of infidelity, there can be many reasons that a person commits an act of infidelity such as a loss of novelty in the relationship, boredom, disappointment in the marriage, and mid-life crises. Thus, when there is an erosion of trust that can come with infidelity, insecurity develops in the relationship. The mutual bond that has held the relationship intact has now been broken and the couple may encounter problems such as suspicion, mistrust, anger, and loss of intimacy. Moreover, research suggests that men and women cope differently in the aftermath of infidelity. For instance, men are reported to display more anger and harbor propensities for violence toward the person or persons responsible for the infidelity. Women display greater feelings of sadness, and are more likely to seek compensations by befriending others (Miller, 2008).

In the same way, finances can place a tremendous burden in the life of the couple, Moreover, if there are children in the family; often the lack of ...

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