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ACA Code of Ethics

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Martha and Kevin came in to see you for couples counseling. They completed the initial session and you agreed to see Kevin individually per his request. Martha was fine with this as she wants to work on their marriage and feels that Kevin has been withdrawn and depressed lately. In the second session, just with Kevin, he reveals to you that he no longer loves Martha and has been seeing another woman for about 6 months. He states that he does not want to get a divorce because he still cares about Martha and does not want to hurt her. He also wants to keep seeing the other woman and does not want Martha to know.

Discuss the following:
1. What does the ACA Code of Ethics say about working with multiple clients and confidentiality?
2. How would you address this with Kevin?
3. In what ways can you prepare clients while complying with the ethical code when it comes to working with multiple clients in a session, such as in couples and marital counseling?

Review the "Ethics" page on the ACA's Web site.

350 Words or more with scholarly references

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Discuss the following:

1. What does the ACA Code of Ethics say about working with multiple clients and confidentiality?
Based on the American counseling Association (ACA, 2005) Section B.4.b, "Couples and Family counseling", counselors must clearly define the client, and discuss limits of confidentiality when counseling with couples and/or families. In addition, the counselor should obtain in writing an agreement among all parties involved concerning their right to confidentially, or any obligation to preserve the privacy of unknown information.

2. How would you address this with Kevin?

A major problem in counseling with couples is the protection of private information such as that shared with the counselor by one partner in which the ...

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This soluton discusses the American counseling Associaiton's Code of Ethics relative to a specific case study.

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ACA Code of Ethics

Various associations including APA and ACA have their own legal and ethical guidelines. In addition, states have their specific codes of conduct for counselors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. In this Discussion, you will examine the guidelines in your own state and consider how they align with those put forth by associations.

To prepare:

•Review your state's legal and ethical guidelines.

•Compare them also to the codes of ethics set forth by the ACA and the APA.

•Consider which specific guidelines within the codes of conduct seem most important or encompassing to you.

•Think about which guidelines might present the most challenge in your practice.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a description of a specific guideline within the ACA Code of Ethics you regard as crucial in relating to clients and a description of a guideline you think might present the biggest challenge in conducting assessment, diagnosis, or treatment. Explain why you selected each of the guidelines.

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