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    ACA Assessment Procedure

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    I need some assistance/ideas/thoughts on concerning assessment procedures. I need to choose one of the items below and read through the portions of the resource that concern assessment procedures. The I need to point out any surprises that were found; likewise, make a note of anything you felt was missing in the information provided. Post your findings (brief 250 words, so I need to be concise):

    Standard for School Counselor Competence in Assessment and Evaluation
    ACA Code of Ethics 2005
    Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (JCTP, 2002)
    Test Taker Rights and Responsibilities

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    As you requested - this is a short response. 250 words is not long after all. As for the response that you need to post, it really depends on what is being discussed on the board. If you have any questions, just let me know. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Assessment: ACA

    Section E of the ACA Code of Ethics discuss and lay down the ground rules of the Association on the topic of 'Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation'. Assessment is a central part of counseling practice and ACA members are well aware of the importance to moderate, regulate and keep up strict standards. I am of the opinion that the ACA code looks into all related and necessary aspect of assessment, evaluation and interpretation, the code explains (ACA 2007):

    "Counselors use assessment instruments as one component of the counseling ...

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