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    Market value ESI

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    As related the newly enacted "Market Exchange for Individuals" or "Market Place," how would its enactment impact your strategic planning? Would such enactment trigger environmental scanning for competitive advantage purposes? Why?

    Briefly, Market Exchange or Market Place will enable low income uninsured individuals to purchase insurance coverage which will be a new source of revenue for healthcare providers from all walks of life.

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    Market Exchange
    As you refer to Market Exchange for Individuals, what would you perform environmental scan on if you want your organization to have competitive over others?

    Employer sponsored insurance (ESI) is the " most common health insurance coverage in the U.S." About 59% of the US populaton under 65 years old was insured through ESI from their employer. In 2014, as the direct outcome of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there will be 32 million individuals will no longer be uninsured. Most of ...

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    The solution discusses how the "Market Exchange for Individuals," or "Market Place" would impact strategic planning.