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Ensuring Success on Projects

What are some issues that project managers need to be mindful of during the final stages of projects? What does the term "maturity" mean in project management? What is the purpose of standardization and how does it play a role in protecting project stakeholders?

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The final stages of a project may sometimes bring about changes in scope, which may incur additional costs for both the buyer and the seller. The book says that "changes [to the project] are opportunities either to increase or decrease profitability for the seller," but more often than not, costs are increased because of disagreements about deliverables. Given that most project resources are normally sourced during the beginning phases of the project than moments of oversight, it can be difficult to foresee how the development of a project will unfold before closing.

In comparison to reimbursable contracts, it might be a little more difficult ...

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This excerpt explains why it is so important for project managers to pay careful attention to project performance during the final stages of a project and how maturity and standardization plays a role in project success.