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Data Validation and Ensuring Effective Program Management

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Why do you think data validation is important in ensuring effective program management?

What do you think are some of the elements of strategic program management?

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Why do you think data validation is important in ensuring effective program management?

Metrics, also called data, 'measures' or 'key performance indicators' (KPIs), are a tool for evaluating the impact of a particular project or program. While metrics are frequently numeric in nature such as improving revenues by 20%, they can also have qualitative criteria such as improving participant satisfaction levels. In both cases, metrics provide clear and tangible goals for a program and its projects, and establish the criteria for project and program success. Metrics are a method of planning and measuring programs. They are a concrete way of defining what a program or project will achieve, and whether it met those goals. In any environment where there are tight budgets and ...

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This is a discussion of data validation and its importance in ensuring effective program management.

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