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    HRM Training in the Future

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    Give an overview of the HRM training process with a critical analysis and assessment that concludes with an opinion or judgment. The topic should be on a corporate training program(s), an example would be: how would it likely develop in the next 2 to 3 years?

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    The use of HRM training programs in companies both large and small is widely used for improving leadership in organizations. In these programs, different types of training is used including self-helping activities, developmental activities (e.g. 360° feedback, coaching), short workshops to programs that last for a year or more, programs focused on skills needed in the current position to training preparing managers for promotion to higher positions, and programs tailored to a company's needs to workshops imparting generic skills. These will all be incorporated into the training process to assist the organization in meeting strategic goals as well as attracting and retaining employees while also managing these employees better and more effectively. In the training process, HRM will display effective leadership, employee retention, ...

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