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    HRM article reviews

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    I am looking for 2 recent articles dealing with HRM. I would like information on the author, what makes them qualified to write about HRM, strengths of the article, weaknesses, and your opinion. I am not looking for any particular format just the raw information. This will help me come to a conclusion about HRM today and where its going in the future, and how it relates to future jobs, economy etc. You will mostly be providing your point of view based not only on the article your choose but also by your thoughts on the article/subject of HRM. Please cite or attach the articles and I am looking for no less than 250 words per article to get a good idea.

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    Hargis, M. B., & Bradley,Don B., I.,II. (2011). STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN SMALL AND GROWING FIRMS: ALIGNING VALUABLE RESOURCES. Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 10(2), 105-125.
    The authors of this study are well known within the human resources and human behavior fields. They have written for a wide range of journals, magazines, and scholarly journals. Their work is based in human resources management and issues of perception, handling of workers and management and other areas that support the field.
    The article is concerned with the HRM needs of small and medium firms that are focusing more on the aspect of human capital to help build success. The link between knowledge, skills, and abilities, with competitive edge is one of the most important factors in growing small firms. Creating and maintaining training and performance standards are a key to the growth and success. Attracting, hiring and retaining the right human capital is a direction that more small companies should focus on, challenging human resources to build better HR programs. Selection and compensation, along with the previously mentioned knowledge, skills, and training are all important components of such plans. And the plans should be part of the strategic plan of the company.
    I find this article to make some valid points. Small and midsize companies should focus more directly on their recruitment and selection of employees. After hiring, orientations, mentorships, and fair compensations along with the training and challenges, should be a well thought out program. The processes should be part of the fabric of the organizational culture and information should be available ...

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    Review of two articles on the direction that HRM is moving currently.