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    HR: Important to develop a management training program?

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    As the new Human Resource Representative in your organization, you immediately notice the absence of a management training program. Employees have been promoted into leadership roles, yet given no training on how to effectively perform in that role.

    Prepare a response addressing the following:

    Is it important to develop a management training program? Why or why not?

    Considering the five step training and development process, what type of management training program would you suggest for your organization (Customer Service or Computer repair service); what would it include?

    Finally, what step of that process do you feel is most important and why?

    Please find 5-Step Training and Development process below. This includes (needs analysis, instructional design, validation, implementation, and evaluation). Should use this when preparing answers to each of the questions for this project.

    1. The first, or needs analysis step, identifies the specific job performance skills needed, assesses the prospective trainees' skills and develops specific, measurable knowledge and performance objectives based on any deficiencies.

    2. In the second step, instructional design, you decide 0n, compile, and produce the training programming content, including workbooks, exercises, and activities. Here you'll probably use techniques like those discussed in the course material, such as on-the-job training and computer-assisted learning.

    3. There may be a third, validation step, in which the bugs are worked out of the training program by presenting it to a small representative audience.

    4. The fourth step is to implement the program, by actually training the targeted employee group.

    5. Fifth is the evaluation step, in which management assesses the program's successes or failures.

    Must cite and provide any references used.

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    Management Training Program


    Training and development programs are important part of human resource management into an organization's management. Training is the process of enhancing better performance of the organization's employees that includes behavioral and learning changes into employees (Islam & Trolley, 2006). Training and development programs ensure the changes and learning objectives of employees for performance betterment. It ensures the growth of organization as well as enhances knowledge and skills of the employees. It motivates organization's employees and enhances efficiency & job satisfaction among employees (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2009).


    Yes, it is important to develop a training program for the organization. It helps an organization to increase productivity with quality products. Training and development programs are essential part of the human resource management. It covers many important aspects in terms of organizational benefits and growth. It is important for an organization due to its positive impact on organizational success (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2009). Important aspects of training in an organization can be discussed as follow:

    Motivate Employees: Training programs help an organization to motivate its employees. With the help of training program, human resource management of an organization provides guide its employees to work effectively into the organization (Hallier & Butts, 2000). Through training programs, organization motivates its employees by directing them for individual and organizational development. Through providing new concept's learning guideline, organization enhances individual or departmental profits (Islam & Trolley, 2006).

    Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency: Training and development programs help an organization to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of its employees. Through providing training, organization enhances the level of knowledge and skills of the employees. It helps the employees in increasing individual efficiency of their performance that helps them for promotional development of individual's (Cherniss, Grimm & Liautaud, 2010). Through training programs, human resource manager communicates with organization's employees. Through this process, he or she identifies the problems of ...

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