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    HR strategic Goals to Organizational Goals

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    Could you assist me with the following question below: One important issue is linking HR strategic goals to organizational goals? Please do this. For this Discussion Question, can you think of a HR strategic goal that must be closely linked with organizational goals? For example, training is an important HR function. If the goal of the organization is to have the best educated employees among its workforce, what can HR do to build this workforce? Please assist me to discuss. I have to give an example and think of one as stated above.

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    A HR strategic goal that must be closely linked with organizational goals would be the goal of providing the most highly capable employees for an organization that has the goal of having the most productive employees within its industry among its workforce. In order for HR to build this workforce, HR would first have to engage upon developing a highly selective and efficient recruiting and hiring methodology. This would mean that the human resource department would seek out the most highly educated and experienced individuals from colleges ...

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    The expert examines human resource strategic goals to organizational goals. The importance of human resource functions are given.