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Discussing strategic staffing

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1 - Provide examples of organizational goals, process goals, and outcome goals
2 - Discuss and give examples of changes that can impact each of these types of goals.
3 - What can you do as an HR professional to ensure that these goals are met and that where is a smooth transition in the face of change?
4- From this three staffing sources:
Society for Human Resource Management (www.shrm.org)
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (www.eeoc.gov)
Staffing Organization (www.staffing.org)
Describe and give examples of how this can be helpful to you as an HR professional working in talent management.

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1 - Examples of: Organizational Goals, process goals, and outcome goals

Organizational goals represent the strategic objectives set by the organization's leadership in which these goals directly support the mission of the organization and are related to the entire organization with every department included within these organizational goals. I will provide three of the eight types of strategic goals including market standing, innovation, and productivity. These goals assist in providing the organization with an advantage over its competitors by gaining a greater share of the market through innovative product designs and strategies as well as higher levels of productivity.

Process goals entail goals that specifically focus on the organizational processes throughout the different divisions or subdivisions within the organization. These goals are concerned with the individual responsibilities that each employee possesses in regard to efficiently conducting their job duties. Each process and every department must ensure that the objectives and process goals set by the leader with regard to productivity is met. .

Outcome goals represent the goals that are directly responsible for ensuring that "strategic" goals, which were discussed in the first paragraph regarding organizational goals, are effectively implemented so that the organization is successful in the long-term outcome. These goals seek to ...

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This solution provides a discussion regarding various aspects of strategic staffing.

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