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    The strategic approach to job offers

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    If the same job offer content is to be given to all offer receivers for a job, is there any need to use the strategic approach to job offers?

    Heneman, H, & Judge, T. (2009). Staffing organization. Burr Ridge, Ill: McGraw hill.

    MBA Human Resource course

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    An advantage of strategic job offer approach is that it takes into account several factors before extending final job offer to candidates. These factors are:
    • Labor Market conditions-it considers supply availability in terms of whether resources are available in abundance or are tight in supply. Also considers competitors' offering for the same job
    • Organization needs-to incorporate short and long term requirements of the organization and how these would be fulfilled by making the job offer
    • Applicant needs-to find out expectations of applicant, his or her willingness to leave the current job and if yes then at what cost to the company
    • Legal issues-what contract language is required to be used or what is the norm in the market
    The job offer content on the other hand consists of the following:
    • Starting date
    • Duration of ...

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    The strategic approach to job offers are examined.