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    Pursuing an MBA Degree

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    I landed my first internship as an insurance claims analyst. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in business and would like to become a manager/leader within my organization. I have an assignment to write an 800 word essay about why I want to pursue an MBA degree/how an MBA degree would be beneficial in my career goals. I am a sophomore in college with literally no business experience and totally stumped on writing this essay.

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    The essay premise should hold on beneficial factors that having a MBA will enhance your awareness to imperative business protocols necessary for success. The current internship as an insurance claims analyst offers first hand approach in learning certain skills that added with a MBA can enhance your knowledge in business. Additionally, the insurance claims analyst duties along with the company's goals for efficiency and profitably will match up well with a MBA degree (the pursuit for mastery over business operations and management to effectively lead). In business, the objective in leadership is mastery of decisions by analyzing data for creating a productive as well as profitable company operation.

    Try to think the main objective for an insurance claims analysts that compares to a MBA focus initiative: strategic business decisions that propels an organization in reducing costs in many areas (i.e. excessive high claims payout, fraudulent claims, and loss of steady of new insurers, brand deficiency, and untrained staff employees leading to low quality processing of ...

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