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Why Study an MBA?

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Nowadays, increasing number of managers are pursuing an MBA. What are the motivation and incentives for them to study an MBA? Produce a 350-word, non-Plagiarism response.

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Reasons that motivate those who study MBA. References are included.

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Managers of today understand that globalization has rapidly changed the way business is done in the world today as compared to the previous decades. Businesses are becoming more competitive requiring business owners and managers to be able to stay on guard in order to keep their edge against their competitors. One reason for pursuing an MBA is to advance one's career. Ambitious supervisors and staff need further studies to move up in their current job in terms of responsibility and/or pay. They understand that the course can help them acquire more specialist knowledge and hone their management skills. Although some managerial staff take MBA on their own initiative, their companies encourage and support them to finish this degree. They know that once their employees study related courses, they become assets of their companies and funding this indicates that they acknowledge the value of MBA degrees. An MBA graduate shows that he or she is competent in performing the basic management disciplines and tools. Experienced managers who feel the need to refresh their ...

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