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The Master of Business Administration Program

I am conducting some research and I need your answers regarding the following questions:

- How has your academic and/or professional work experience prepared you for an MBA program?
- How will an MBA help you achieve these career objectives?
- What strategies and resources have you developed to assist with your success in a graduate-level program?

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When I first began pursuing my Bachelor's degree in business, I had no intentions of going any further than that. I was employed in a position that I enjoyed, and had worked for the same company for over 15 years. I wanted to learn more about the business world and felt that a formal education would provide me with the necessary tools to move forward in my career objectives. I was given the opportunity to move ahead in the organization and realized that the education I was now pursuing was an excellent path to follow. I was beginning to appreciate what I was learning about business from an organizational perspective, and more than that, the experience that I gained through my career was preparing me to further my educational endeavors.

Once I graduated with my Bachelors of Business in Administration with a focus in Management (BSBA), I discovered that I actually loved formal learning. I enjoyed challenging and stimulating my mind! I wanted to continue, and the next step was an MBA. I also began to realize having an MBA would give me a competitive edge and also show a current or perspective employer that I had high goals and the determination required for success.
To be considered as an MBA candidate, there was a ...

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The master of business administration programs are examined. The strategies and resources which have developed to assist with the success in a graduate-level program is determined.