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    Developing a marketing research proposal

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    Throughout the course, you will be developing a marketing research proposal. For this unit, complete the following tasks:

    Select a research topic.

    Define the research problem.

    Develop the research approach.

    Use course materials, the Internet, and/or the Cybrary to support your work.

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    The whole marketing research (prepared by me) is also attached below in pdf format if you need extra information to add. I hope this can help

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    Research Topic: Enrollment of College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University- Kingsville

    (General information about research topic)
    Texas A&M University-Kingsville is located in historic Kingsville, a friendly, safe city
    of 25,000 that is the home of the legendary King Ranch. Corpus Christi and its beaches
    are just 40 miles to the northeast, and the border with Mexico is 120 miles to the south at
    Brownsville or 119 miles to the west at Laredo. College of Business is noted for
    preparation of business professionals and offers a broad variety of undergraduate and
    graduate programs. College of Business Administration, is ...

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    "Since A&M-Kingsville became part of The Texas A&M University System, and changed its name in 1993, its identity has suffered. No external campaign promoted the name change or..."