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    A large company is deciding whether to introduce a new service

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    A large company is deciding whether to introduce a new service. How should the research proposal be developed and managed?

    I have to thoroughly review and highlight those things that are needed in the proposal from:
    (1) The manager's perspective concerning overall management of the research proposal
    (2) The researcher's development perspective,
    (3) Then explain why these items are so important to the manager and researcher, respectively.

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    Please find the guidelines for Research Proposal for Introducing a New Service down below.



    Research Proposal for Introducing a New Service

    Research Proposal
    The topic selected for this research is "whether to introduce a new service or not". This research subject concentrates on the analysis of existing market and its effect on the determined new service along with an analysis of customers need in concern to that new service. Marketing environment of an organization makes a significant impact on new product cycle time and innovation potential and due to this it is essential to analyze (Kaynak, 2003).

    The consideration of marketing environment is essential as it plays a vital role in innovation and new product design that facilitates the firm in obtaining competitive advantage over their likely competitors (Kaynak, 2003). With this research the effect of marketing environment on this new service and its impact on customers can be easily understood and illustrated with the help of specific research questions like; ...

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    The expert examines a large company deciding whether to introduce a new service. The researcher's development perspectives are examined.