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Considerations to bring new no-fat, no-carb doughnut to market

Assume you are in charge of marketing your company's yet-to-be-introduced no-fat, no-carb doughnut that tastes incredible. Describe some key considerations in bringing this yummie successfully to market.

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Introducing a product into the market requires an analysis of the target market in terms of certain basic characteristics. These may include some profile characteristics such their age, occupation, income, and life style. The age and occupation may be considered in decisions on some details of the product features as to taste and variants of flavours. The same variables may also be considered in decisions on product presentations and channels of distribution. Income may be needed in deciding on product prices. Life style may indicate frequency by which they buy the product, the situations or events in which they are bought, and the volume of purchases as well. This will provide ideas on how much of the product should be made available at any given point in time.
Analyzing the target market is equivalent to needs assessment. this is needed for decisions related to product, price, ...

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The expert describes the key considerations to bring new no-fat, no-carb doughnut to markets are examined.