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Marketing Research Proposal

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Marketing Research Proposal

You do not need to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results. You will be writing a proposal only and developing a short survey.

Include the following:

Background of the study
Research problem (possibly decision problem too)
Population and sample defined
Sampling methodology
Assumptions and limitations

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Background: The purpose and background of this marketing research proposal, is to reveal to upper-level management outstanding potential profitability of investing in the mixed martial arts industry, due to the fact that there is a tremendous amount of demand for mixed martial arts events, as well as the accoutrements that are part of this industry. This research will be conducted in order to both ascertain and expose the means by which this organization can profit from investing in the promotion and establishment of mixed martial art venues, as well as from the sales of posters, mixed martial arts equipment such as gloves, exercise equipment, and apparel, etc. This research will be conducted by our research development department, in cooperation with a leading mixed martial arts organization owner, as well as a leading university sports marketing faculty member. This research will be conducted within a ...

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