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Power Point Presentation for a Marketing Proposal

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The company founder is very impressed with the information you provided to him about your selected region. Based on this, he has asked that you move forward and develop a marketing research proposal to determine whether the company should pursue the development of exercise equipment for the consumers in that market. At this point, you are not concerned with specific product features, just the feasibility of creating a position for the company in the country or region that you have selected. Consider how much of the recently developed information will be applicable to this project and what new information will be required.

Develop a research proposal in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Your proposal should outline and provide recommendations for the following areas:

Problem statement
Research objective(s)
Research design
Data collection methods
Data analysis plan

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This solution provides a Power Point presentation for a marketing proposal.

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I have outlined a response to the information provided. I am including a basic PP for you to use. Some of the slides could be turned into a couple of slides and the information in the notes needs to be more specific to what you plan to do. The theme or design is just something chosen to show professionalism, however you will find it easy to change to something you prefer under design tab.

1. The ...

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