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    SMART Goals

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    In order to be successful in my chosen Masters program (MBA), I have to be an individual that is self-motivated. Self-motivation is a crucial factor in increasing the probability of the successful matriculation and completion of my Masters program. Although my professors will be presenting me with the material that is required for my knowledge enhancement, they will by no means force me to study or complete my assignments. It is also very important to have adequate time management skills, due to the increased workload that graduate school places on an individual. Time management skills will give me the ability to prioritize my daily duties in a manner that will allow me to complete them in the most efficient and effective method possible.
    Effective time management is a skill that will allow me to be able to balance my work, family and school responsibilities, in a manner that will allow me to complete each activity with a high level of proficiency. The ability to work well in teams is another skill that will be very useful, due to the fact that there will be many team assignments, and ability to work cohesively with others will increase the odds of the team receiving high grades for the completion of their projects.
    I don't expect that I will require any additional help with any of the subject matter within my program, but I have developed a contingency plan in case there is a need. I have already obtained permission from a family member who is an accountant, to contact them if I need any help with the accounting aspects of my program. In addition, I have also been promised help from a few of my friends who are mathematics majors, if the need arises.
    The job requirement that present me with the greatest challenge is the motivation to continue to excel in a profession that I don't really enjoy. As with my graduate program, I motivate myself by constantly reminding myself that this job is making it possible for me to pay for graduate school. And I look at other employees who are excelling, as a motivation for me to continue giving 100%. The same skills that I have listed as being important for success in my Masters program (MBA) are the skills that allow me to be successful at work.

    I need help getting started i have to write on four to five relevant personal, educational, or professional goals for yourself. Make sure they follow the concepts of SMART goals.
    3) Compare these goals to the program of study MBA
    2. Describe how these goals in this assignment are or are not better or clearer as a result of following the SMART model.

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    Here are some suggested goals, in the SMART format, based upon the information you submitted:

    1. I will complete all assignments and turn them in on time.
    (Specific: states what you will do
    Measurable: either you complete the assignments or you don't
    Attainable: yes
    Realistic: yes
    Timely: "on time" yes)

    2. I will utilize tutoring services in accounting and mathematics if my test scores drop below **? (fill in this number).

    Again, this goal follows SMART format.

    3. I will continue to be actively employed at my current employer to pay for graduate school until I ...

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