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    Objective Outputs in Congruence Model

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    Congruence Model recognizes "Outputs" as existing at the Individual, Group, and Organizational levels

    Instead of using subjective descriptors to evaluate performance at the three output levels in Congruence Model. What are some objective criteria for Mayo Clinic?

    What do you think about using the SMART criteria to analyze this??

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    Yes, SMART criteria can definitely be used to analyze this. SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time frame, will help in selecting the most appropriate quantitative or objective criteria for organizations such as Mayo Clinic. For example, the broader or longer term objective, vision or goals of the organization can be translated to objective criteria such as revenue, growth rate or operating margins. These objective should be based on the SMART criteria in order to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with the overall organizational system. The objective criteria ...

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    Discusses objective outputs as per SMART criteria in congruence model.