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Nadler Tushman Outputs for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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Analyze the outputs of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model.

In your response, show how one of these statements apply to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Interaction of outputs from 3 levels of the company create (high/medium/low) performance in terms of the overall performance of the company.

First you need to identify the outputs of the organization at each of three levels. Also identify the goals that it has set and its current performance.

How does the organization categorize organizational outputs? How is performance measured?

How are groups identified by the organization? What are their outputs? How is performance of the groups measured?

How do individual functions contribute to group outputs, and what are their outputs specifically? How does the company measure this?

How does each level of outputs interact? Is the company's performance high, medium, or low?

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Solution Summary

An analysis of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is provided in this solution, including the organization's outputs at the organizational, group, and individual level. These outputs are then evaluated and the full solution is provided with 6 references and approximately 1,312 words.

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Output Analysis of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a well known coffee brand headquartered at Waterbury, Vermont, US. It is also traded publicly. It offers specialty gourmet coffees to its customers. It operates its business activities in the specialty coffee industry in the United States and internationally (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc, 2010). The output analysis of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters could be performed through the help of the Nadler-Tushman congruence model. This model uses different approaches to measure the factors which influence the success of the change process in an organization. This model also helps to determine the change in outputs due to change in organizational process.

The Nadler-Tushman congruence model also helps to specify the inputs and outputs within the organization. This method is mainly based on the following assumptions:

- Organization is an open system within a larger business environment.
- The change is possible and occurs in the organization.
- The organizational behavior occurs at three levels, individual, group and system level (Nadler and Tushman, Congruence Model: Political, Organism, 2008).

This congruence model also makes assumptions that an organization is a system, which draws inputs from internal and external sources. This model is helpful to understand the inputs, transformation process and its impact on the firms' output.

Organizational Outputs

The outputs of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters could be measured in terms of goods and services produced by the certain level of inputs. The output of the organization can be measured in other means also such as revenue, net profit, shareholders' value etc. In the Nadler-Tushman Model, outputs for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters exist at the individual, group and organizational levels. The following are the analysis of the outputs of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at three different levels.

Organization Level Outputs:

The organization level output of the Green Mountain organizations is its products and services, which it provides to its customers. It provides several types of products and services to its customers such as K-cups, coffee, tea, brewers & accessories, gifts & samplers etc. ...

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