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    Real World Applications of the Millmore Approach to Recruitment Practices

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    Most organizations find themselves in a flurry of recruiting activity after determining a need or having a job opening. Others often find that their recruiting efforts are not really recruiting at all but rather sorting through resumes. Organizations that recognize the need for change, plan on growth and development, and prepare a strategic recruiting plan seem to be those that are most ready to thrive during times of economic uncertainty. Please discuss the Millmore approach to recruitment practices in relation to the real world.

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    The Millmore approach to recruiting offers a more progressive approach than what has traditionally taken place with many organizations. Prior to the inception of the Millmore approach, organizations have hired people based on a set of predetermined qualifications and educational credentials. The assumption has been that these individuals would adapt to the actual requirements of the role. The Millmore approach involves selecting candidates based on a strategic recruitment plan. These individuals may not have the traditional educational requirements normally associated with the role, but they are selected because ...

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    Solution discusses real world applications of the Millmore Approach to recruitment strategy in comparison to traditional methods.