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    Future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices

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    What will be future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices?

    Explicate important issues in recruitment and retention. What are three significant problems and future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices?

    Discuss the following:
    1) Compare and contrast alternative employment arrangements.
    2) Look at the differences between temporary and independent employment agencies.
    3) Differentiate various types of job terms including traditional, flexible, idiosyncratic, and team-based. Provide the context behind these jobs.
    4) Compare and contrast recruitment sources - employee referral, internships, cooperatives, and networks.

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    It is cliché, but it is a plain truth - human resource is the most important resource of an organization whether it was created for the profit, nonprofit or government sect. Looking for and screening applicants, hiring that one person who really fits what the firm is looking for, training that person, and nurturing this person - simply, the company's recruitment and retention policies and practices - therefore is a key success factor for any organization.
    Therefore, failure in these policies and practices largely determines the organization's employee turnover. The higher the turnover, the more costly it will be and the more disruptive these policies and practices are to the firm in regards to attaining its strategic and operational objectives and goals. In fact, employee recruitment and retention issues have emerged as the most critical challenge for any organization. As ...

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    Discuss the future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices