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Human Resources: Shifting Demographics In Workplace

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Aging of the Workforce
Multigenerational Workforce
Increasing use of Social Networks
Evaluate the various options that the HR manager could take to ensure that each of the trends listed above you selected is adequately addressed in the HR plan to ensure proper work design.

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The plan to address aging of workforce in my workplace will be to plan for larger number of disabilities in the workplace. With aging, the incidence of disabilities increases. More accommodation in the workplace has to be planned. This can mean more ergonomic furniture, more disabled facilities in the rest rooms, and budgeting for accommodation as required by individual disabilities. Also, there will be need for development and knowledge gap. The cost of replacing experienced workers can be high. The HR will plan for proactive strategies to boost productivity, job satisfaction, and long run retention rates for aged workers. Additional workplace and career flexibility are also ...

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Policy and Procedure Outline Project to recommend changes to a human resource policy

For your Policy and Procedure Project, you are expected to develop, write, and present an innovative human resource policy that limits a company's liability and promotes its core mission and values. Consider the following:

A company you have studied during this course has hired you to recommend changes to its human resource policy. Because you have been tracking the company for a number of weeks, management expects that you know the relevant issues. Their goal is to implement change, bring the company to compliance, and begin the process of invoking the spirit of the law. You will create a policy and a monitoring procedure that is imminently critical to the success of the company's recovery. You must pay careful attention to complaint procedures and any other relevant self-monitoring procedures necessary to insure compliance. Central to your project is an effort to merge company and personal values within the construct of current legal requirements.

The Policy and Procedure Project is comprised of three components.

1. A written policy in formal documentation.
2. A monitoring procedure for the policy that not only responds to potential wrongdoing, but also anticipates it.
3. A proposal to management for a memo or a PowerPoint presentation that introduces the policy to all employees.

Examples from the readings and other work environments are expected. Examples from your own work environment will not be helpful for the final project.

Project Objectives

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

1. Analyze regulatory requirements that monitor and govern the relationship between employer and employee.
2. Analyze the changing demographics of the United States and how those changes impact the current conditions in a workplace.
3. Incorporate the effect of shifting ethical norms on the nature and implementation of human resource policy and procedure.
4. Incorporate a values statement that expresses the spirit and purpose of the law, its application within a company's mission, and the joint commitment of manager and company to fulfill the law's intended purpose.
5. Analyze current and potential liabilities and propose strategies for prevention and recovery.

Project Requirements

Recommend a solution.
Include all key components.
Include a complete references list with proper citations.
Comply with APA guidelines.

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