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    Workplace Demographic Changes

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    "Shifting Demographics" Please respond to the following:
    Select three of the 10 trends listed in Exercise 1, and create a plan to address each in your organization.
    Evaluate the various options that the HR manager could take to ensure that each of the trends you have selected is adequately addressed in the HR plan to ensure proper work design.

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    Step 1
    The first trend that I have selected is the aging of workforce. The first action I would take would be to provide physical support and accommodation to the aged. If there are physical handicaps, I will provide such workers with physical accommodation. Further, I will change work design so that those who are older are more responsible for their job. By allocating more responsibility, I will expect them to use their experience. I will also give them more authority and control so that they can use their experience in a more productive manner. In suitable ...

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