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    Describe four social and demographic changes

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    Describe 4 social and demographic changes and how each will affect HR practices, and the role of HR as a strategic employee relations partner over the next 5-10 years, and three HR practices for managing social and demographic changes.

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    // HR practices are associated with certain strategies that are followed in the workplace to manage the workforce. The changes in the certain factors like social, demographic, political or legal affect the HR practices to a great extent. In the following context, we shall discuss certain demographic and social changes that affect HR practices along with the role of HR as a strategic employee relation partner and the HR practices for managing social and demographic changes.//

    Four Social and Demographic Changes Affecting HR Practices

    One of the social changes is the increasing urbanization. Nowadays, people want to work and earn more and for this, they tend to move towards cities and corporations. HR manager work increases as now he needs to manage the increasing workforce in an effective manner. The urbanization can be considered as one of the major factors that can directly or indirectly affect HR orientations and practices undertaken by the business organization(Snell & Bohlande, 2012). It is due to the reason that overall urbanization is comprehensive in nature, which affects different dimensions of business practices including information technology, working patterns and expectations of people.

    Another factor is increasing international connection because of the involvement of various people from various cultures, thereby increasing the work of HR manager. Nowadays, business takes place on the global basis and this increases the interaction of people, which increases the work of HR manager as he now has to formulate certain policies and guidelines. It would ...

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