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    Nestle Water: Demographic Trends

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    Describe four (4) major demographic trends that have an impact upon business today, and respond to the following:
    - Which trend do you feel is having the greatest impact? Why?
    - Identify which of the four trends is affecting your Nestle Water.
    - Are you personally affected?
    - How is Nestle water handling changes in demographics?
    Make sure that you cite references or readings as necessary to support your arguments and opinions.

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    First trend affecting the demand for bottled water is ethnicity. The consumption of Nestle Water is higher among African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanic groups who have lower incomes than whites. The second trend that affects the consumption of Nestle Water is that there is a higher consumption in the urban areas. The third trend is that dieters consume more bottled water. The fourth trend is that single people consume more Nestle Water than married people. Demographics are subsets within a given population which characterize that population. The demographics that are commonly used in marketing include sex, age, ethnicity, language knowledge, employment status, disabilities, and location.

    The product is Nestle Water; the demographic trend that is having the greatest ...

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